Just for fun I thought I'd throw in some interesting projects from my previous life living on the Columbia River.
When we bought this floating home there was just a little 8' x 16' deck off the kitchen.
One rainy afternoon I spotted a huge remnant of a cedar log floating downstream so I fired up the Whaler and snagged it.  The perfect planter!
As long as I was at it I built this grill station with a sink, mini- refer and gas grill all topped with Italian tile and stone insets.  There's that Whaler peeking out on the right.
That wasn't hardly enough so I built it out to 25' x 60' and put a lid on it.
The table and chairs shown here are on our patio in Mazatlán today.  They've held up pretty well over 20 years.
The east wind blows quite briskly downstream so I built this windbreak and added a planter and an arbor for a wisteria vine.
Supporting the windbreak on the outboard side is a bench sporting a cast iron gargoyle in the corner and a cat on the storage box.

This home harbored a 28' 1939 sedan cruiser in it's boat well.  More on that later.

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