This project, in the home of a great friend for 20 years and his charming wife, aims to finish off some details left undone the last few years.
A new drip edge over the front porch and a newly plastered balcony ceiling dress up the facade.
The first coat on another area.
A new window, plaster and cabinetry will do nicely.
The new storm drain directs the water out to the street instead of under the foundation.
Victor's moving right along with the plaster...
An extension of the countertop to the right of the sink and we're ready for tile.
Victor begins laying the tile.
As we finish up the grout there are many fine details to be addressed, including the backsplash behind the stove and below the canopy.  This will become a focal point in the finished product.
We brought in some modular, oak faced cabinets, ready for whatever the preferred finish.
We built this microwave shelf to fit below the 15" H x 30" W x 12" D modular unit.  It's designed to accommodate the depth of the appliance.  These pieces, including the oak face frame material and end panel skins, were all available off the shelf here.   We'll add electricity to the interior to power the appliance as well as the task lighting bar below.
The kitchen ceiling was starting to fall due to rusted rebar.  Here we've treated the old metal with sealant.
The walls were a mixture of tiles and different textures. 
The exposed aggregate patio floor is great.
Hard work on a hot day!  Our albañil Santana hurls the cement onto the ceiling then smooths it.
The mudslinging nearly done, we're about ready for finishes.
Santana levels the form preparatory to plastering the window ledge.
While double glazed windows have been standard and even required by code for years up north, they're relatively new here.  But we're guessing they're going to become quite popular for their energy savings and sound abatement.

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