We were brought in to do a total paint job on this house.  There are a lot of surface repairs needed as proper prep is the key to a successful finished product.  But that was just the beginning!
Lots of loose, flaky paint...
Here are a couple interior shots, painted earlier.  More of them to follow.
We'll proceed as finances allow...
This aerial view shows the exterior ready for paint.
A new double sink vanity will go here in the spacious dressing room.
A detail of one of the opening windows with glass slightly tinted against the morning sun.
This was a quick two day project with the power down for just a couple hours.  Note the slope on the base to allow the water to run off.
gets scraped away, voids filled and sealed.
These vivid colors really bring Mexico home!
A few months later we were called back for work a little more substantial than paint.  We're going to turn an underutilized roof area into a handsome master suite.  The view is stunning!
A new entrance to the roof patio.
Plaster commences on the exterior...
and the interior as well..
We're building up the floor to make it level and ready for tiles.
Ready for tile and sinks.
Here are the new custom windows, providing protection as well as being open to the great view.
As the old weather head was badly damaged we elected to tear it out and install a new one in a better location before the onset of the rains.
As we slowly progress we find ourselves tiling the floor in the bedroom.  The bath will be next.

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