This project will take place in stages as the client's vacation schedule allows.  In other words, when he's not here we get to make dust and noise!  He's also helping out with the finish work, and doing a very pro job as well.  Makes sense as he's a contractor up north.

Here's the layout for a staircase to an unfinished upper floor.

The hand rails are next.

 This is in the bath on the obverse of the closet

Ready to install the tub.

Storage above the sink.

A little plaster on the wall and we're ready for paint.

A hand rail,

Now we're going to add a railing around the roof and the beginning supports for a palapa to enjoy our lovely sunsets.

We've covered the air shaft to keep the dust out.

These are laid up plumb then the supporting posts are poured.

A new safety rail to the right side at the top of the stairs.

A new front porch rail.
This is at the bottom of the air shaft off the kitchen.
Our client bought these fountain elements a couple years ago and has been waiting to add them into his life.  We're almost there!
We're adding a push button drain to simplify maintenance.
Everything set up over the weekend so we're ready to go on this Monday morning.
The pump and drain are ready to go,

The storm drains used to exit right at head level...
It's time for a coat of paint before the rains arrive.
Check out the new shade of blue on the upper story.
I think we need a hint of purple or green?... what do you think?
New screens to keep the bugs out, or in!
It's amazing what happens when we start to spruce things up!  The neighbors jumped on the bandwagon and I'm guessing others will follow.

The forms in place, we're ready to pour the cement for the stairs.

Moving on to Phase II, this will be a closet in the bedroom of the unfinished second floor.

Rough plumbing for the sink.

Tiles and finish plumbing to come.

A simple new stair rail...

Let's build a stairway to the roof!

The form work takes shape.  Note the steel rebar.

and some plaster and we're ready to go.

These are called "trezada" and resemble woven cement panels.

This is slow work, demanding precision as each piece is cemented together.

But we're making progress despite the heavy rains last week...

A detail at the top of the air shaft enclosure.

By the end of the day we have the pool with plastic cement liner in place and the benches to either side.
with the pump hardwired to a switch for safe operation.
so we elected to remedy that.
We'll add a gate at the bottom of the steps.
Please note the plumb base for the future gate hinges, just at the bottom of the stairs. 
We installed a simple gate complementing the clean new look.

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