Our clients from the Calle Venus Project kindly invited us back to remodel their new home overlooking the city, harbor and sea on the slopes of Cerro del Vigia.  Join us as we bring this 1950's Mexican home into the 21st Century.
First up...
This old palm was hollow inside...
This garage door was very narrow...
Steel reinforced posts and beams, with a new electrical connection.
We cover the carport with handsome cast tiles from Guanajuato for a durable roof.

Here is the beginning of a new stormwater catchment system to keep the carport and entry dry.  There are also three conduit tubes for electrical and security cables.

This ends Phase I of this project, renovating the entry, redirecting storm water, building a new carport with storage and setting the stage for new electrical service for the residence.  Now we begin Phase II where we start bringing the interior into line with our clients needs and tastes.

Here we're re-configuring the master bath to accommodate a niche for the refrigerator in the kitchen.

We're closing in the existing back stairway to the patio to expand the living room.
Here's a 10' long x 5' high picture window w/ sliders to either side for the balcony.
A new reinforced beam for the living room.
Plaster for the walls and gesso above.

We begin to finish the kitchen with the floor filled and dandy new corner windows.

 and the floors are ready for grout.

We finish off the kitchen cabinets and, due to illness in the family, withdraw our services, wishing them all the best.
a purified and pressurized water system.
and dangerous, so down it came!
so we're opening it.
Away with the old "pagoda" entry.

Here's a bodega just inside the entry.

We say goodbye to the old plaster and...

raise the wall to meet the carport height.

These stainless steel grates allow the water to be collected and diverted through 3" tubes out the back of the property.

Saying goodbye to the old we prepare to reconfigure the entire main floor to suit our clients needs, chief of which is a new kitchen and to open the main room to the beautiful views of Stone Island and the harbor.

In tearing out an old pass through, we discovered this existing structural column was built solely of stacked brick, hardly permissible as a structural component.
So here's a new reinforced column.
This is indicative of the state of the wiring throughout the house.  Note the lamp cord mixed into this little rats nest!
So we're installing two new 130v load centers and replacing each breaker, switch, outlet and every inch of conduit and wire throughout the entire house.  All circuits will be grounded and safe.
Here are the walls for the new den which will have a wide french door entrance and glass block accents.
The lovely granite arrives in it's new home,

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