An old friend contacted us to spruce up her patio with a few deferred            improvements.  While she was at it she decided to add an elegant            cocktail pool to her existing water feature.   

Here's a 24' steel beam to support shade panels 

                      Excavation complete

    Skimmer, overflow, return & drains are all in

  Monday morning we have the forms totally ready

   Five guys carry the concrete bucket by bucket

We begin to plaster

 The equipment room, plastered today

           Forming up for the bench...

                     Finishes take shape... 

  Twenty-three working days from our start unveils 

     This pool, including all equipment and trim, 

which help cool the house as well as the patio. 

                      the drain line is in place. 

 as we place the steel reinforcing bar.

and set for the special mix concrete.

 while our crew finishes the pour.

on the eighth day of the project.

and roofed tomorrow.  This ends Day 10!

 and the roof with connections for future solar.

                 as we close in on completion.

   this refreshing retreat from the cares of the world. 

cost less than US$7,000! 

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