We got an email in August from a nice lady informing us she had a bit of a termite problem, according to her neighbors.  She wondered if we'd like to take a look when she arrived for the season.  We'll follow this kitchen remodel through to it's finish.
This infestation was one of the worst we've seen for a while.  There's quite a large colony of termites under El Cid with satellite branches reaching out with their tendrils to wherever they can find sustenance.  The new cabinet materials are termite resistant so we'll be installing a product designed to last for years and years.   It's time for a thorough fumigation.
We're moving the doorway to make a new and better location for the refrigerator, complete with a new outlet and water supply.
We'll install a subway tile backsplash and then the upper cabinets next week.
After a month waiting on back ordered cabinets, we're happy to show off our finished product.
The fumigation company hired to eradicate the termites last November is blaming Home Depot for this latest infestation.

Note the panel to the right of the stove, completely clear of termites, and off the same sheet.

Again, termites live in giant colonies underground, not at Home Depot.
Finishing the surfaces, we're getting ready for paint.
A nice new clean tile floor completes this phase of the project.   The modular cabinets will be ready in a week or so.  In the meantime we'll be prepping and painting the walls.
The black granite has imbedded flashes of green feldspar.
We've come a long way from where we started...


But just when you think all is well, you get a curve ball when you least expect it!

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