We received a call for help to make this relatively new condo project in the Marina District secure against the weather and to restore it to it's intended appearance.  There are two large residential buildings linked by an administration and restaurant facility.  Join us as we get busy.
These untreated and unprotected wood doors succumbed to the ravages of rot.  We've ordered up some handsome aluminum and tempered glass commercial grade doors that will last for many years.
Here's what's left of thousands of dollars of quality woodwork, lost because of poor preparation and inattention to common construction practices.
Note the pergola over one of the unit's patio.  The owner of that unit replaced theirs after all the rest were torn down due to termite and rot infestation.  They were untreated pine.
We're going to replace all the column moldings with new reinforced models.
The Micro Fiber additive is like lacing the cement with tiny pieces of rebar, making it extremely strong, ideal for small pieces like these.
Bit by bit, cement is added to complete the form.
This is what we end up with after they cure.
We're awaiting the treated beams and sculpted vigas to arrive from Northern California.   We'll do a little paint touchup first, but we're moving right along.
While one crew begins removing the old obsolete brackets from one of the buildings...
Staircase Railings
Assorted Fixes
The openings on the sides of the vent shaft covers let in a LOT of water with the monsoons.  We have a solution...
They're the access doors from the pool/marina area to the admin and restaurant facility.  The other side leads out to the parking lot.  The push is on for the new doors to be installed before the rains arrive!
We'll spend the rest of the day cleaning up and applying plaster in preparation for tomorrow's installation of the snazzy new doors!
This wood grain aluminum was a special order and took some time to arrive.  Finally, A/C in the office!

 We're repairing 62 columns, making and installing 300 plus galvanized steel decorative brackets, and installing nearly 30 heavy cross beams topped by over 300 sculpted vigas.

This simple form is what does the trick.  I'm always amazed by the inventiveness we find here.
There's a nail that fits into a hole in the plywood, creating a pivot point.
Cemented in place, they'll last a lifetime.   
the painters arrive to begin painting the exterior of the balconies on the other.
The pergolas are all in place, installed by an in house crew.   This worked out well for us so we could concentrate on more immediate needs, such as...

In addition to these exterior railings we also provided them for the 5 story staircases for both residential buildings.  Now folks can safely transit the stairs even in an electrical outage.

And it works like a charm!  The angled extensions, or vanes, redirect the water away from the openings but still allow sufficient ventilation for clothes dryers, water heaters, etc. 
These windows (1 in each bldg) will keep the rain out of the elevator controls.  A small cost to save a lot.

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