We've long been interested in green technology, from the 1970's in Santa Fe, New Mexico and continuing now in Mazatlan, Old México.  Here we install a modestly priced, efficient pool heater powered solely by the sun.
We're augmenting this existing roof patio structure...
We heat-tape sealed the joints and covered it all with an impermiablizante infused membrane.

We started out at 76°F
and...  as you can see four days later we're closing in on 81° at 10 in the morning in late February and without a thermal cover.  We're also warming the cement walls of the pool so once we're at optimal temperature it will be easy to maintain.

Less roof modifications this entire system cost around US$3,800 installed.
to accommodate 4 x 8 cement board panels.
We installed the panels in about an hour.  The system will be active whenever the normal filter pump is operating.  Included is a computerized thermostatically controlled valve to regulate the temperature.
After two weeks we're nearing 87°F, a little too warm, so we'll dial it back to 85° (29°C).  This is from running the pump for only 4.5. hrs/day with a thermal cover at night.

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