This project in the heart of the Golden Zone, or Zona Dorada, aims to bring an outdated condo built 50 or more years ago into the 21st Century while maintaining some of those retro elements and introducing some real Mexican pizzazz for these creative new owners.

Here we have a perfectly fine entry into a very boring kitchen shut off from the rest this nice three bedroom condo.   We're starting mid morning on a Monday.

Let's make a big hole, opening things up a bit. 

Now we have a new steel reinforced header with wiring and boxes for lights overhead.

The conduit for the lights is routed to the switch location in the entryway.

Here we're forming the bar top with rebar to support the finish treatment.

The top is poured and will set up for a few days while the drop dead gorgeous Golden Crystal granite counters and bar top are fabricated. 

We finished the plastering Saturday morning, now six days from opening the wall.  Note the electrical outlet in the wall to the right for laptops, blenders, whatever!

We took two prebuilt cabinets, cut them down to shorten them then attached one to the other.  We also added trim pieces to the raw edges of the shelves

then screw it to the brackets.

A new door jamb for the third bedroom.
Successive coats of automotive paint for the cabinets and travertine walls freshen the look and set off the granite.
A new demand water heater will save on energy costs and a high output water purifier for the kitchen sink make nice additions.
New double glazed low-E windows on the former service porch will extend the useful interior area of the kitchen.
No subway tiles in Mazatlán?  We'll make 'em for you!
A new floor for the master bath.
The water heater and dryer vents installed before the windows go in.
We dressed out the glass block shower divider with the same detail found on the walls.
Our homeowners have returned to Mazatlán so now we can concentrate on tweaking the project with those personal touches and accents!

Cabinets to the left with the space for the refrigerator to the right, but not for long...

Note the support columns to the left and the missing wall where the cabinets were. 

Let's build a wall to enclose the new refrigerator...


Note the missing columns and the added wall for the refrigerator enclosure.

All the steel is elevated in the form and tied together.


The project to this point has taken four days.  These last two photos were taken the following Thursday afternoon.

The granite arrived the following Wednesday and was all installed that day.  Note the support for the undermount sink, epoxied to the under side of the granite.

Included in our scope of work is to completely rewire the entire unit with a new grounded service panel, outlets and switches.

These brackets are mounted on the sides of the refrigerator enclosure to attach the cabinet. 

Hoisting it in place just prop it up with a handy precut stick...

Here are two base cabinets under the bar, assembled in much the same way.  After a thorough sanding and priming they'll be ready for a couple coats of automotive paint to match the existing cabinets.

Bright red alcohol based stain for the exterior of the interior passage doors.
A creamy white stain for the interior of the passage doors.
The first courses of glass block.  These are reinforced with steel rod.  The guide stick on the left side of the opening will be removed once the mortar has set.
The new low-E double glazed windows are installed on the back porch.  These energy saving windows are becoming increasingly popular now that they're available in this market.
We polished the cement tile floors.
Stay tuned as we add exciting elements to this tasty project...
Here's a new 2.5 ton minisplit dedicated to the main living area.  It's compressor is below left...
And here's a new 1 ton bedroom unit with the latest energy saving technology.

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